Thursday, 9 August 2018


Decisions. Decisions.
Don't we all have to live with them everyday?
Life is all about choosing things and setting priorities. Which country shall we visit this year for holiday? Which dress should we wear on our cousin's wedding (not to mention which color and the cut)? Which meal shall we eat for dinner; chicken or fish?
We basically choosing things so many things each day. Including during our vacation.
Summer is still going on and I am sure most of you are still chilling on exotic islands sipping cocktails, or perhaps just having staycation and enjoying nice sceneries not so far from where you live? Whatever it is, we all know that we want to make most of it during summer. We want to relax by the pool reading our favorite book and later on going to nice dinner.
And as women, we want to look great on during the day and evening.
Difficult? Nope. We just need to be selective.
This edition, I would like to share three summer looks for two different styles: Luxury and Boho. Check the must-have items that you will need this summer. I guarantee you will look great by the pool or at summer party. I hope one of them is your style!


1. Eugena Kim - Annabelle in Peach Hat here
What's summer without hat? We don't want to spend our reading time by frowning our forehead the whole time while enjoying our crime novel by the pool. Luckily there is Annabelle in Peach who will save our day! This beautiful hat from Eugena Kim is so adorable and classy, made from straw with satin pleated band. Combining it with elegant cut swimsuit will make you stand out in the crowds.

2. Missha - All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk here
Summer is great but if we are not being careful then we might caught up into 'classical-summer-problems'. Sunburns, bad tan lining or white cast from sun blocks. But now not anymore if you use Missha Sun Milk! You don't have to worry about white cast anymore thanks to its light yet waterproof formula. It absorbs so quickly and take a look at the sleek packaging. This item is anoter must have this summer.

3. Esprit - Zip Clutch here
During holiday we want to have something very practical and at the same time also chic! We swap our leather bags with lighter material bags. Sometimes we even leave our shopper bags and use smaller pouch to carry our essentials. Take a look at this zip clutch from Esprit. I love how versatile this clutch that basically I could put my essentials. The best part of it is that I could combine this clutch with any kind of outfits. Effortless chic is all we need!

4. Zimmermann - Unbridled Elixir Silk Mini Dress here
Who never heard about Zimmermann? I am sure this brand has been flooded our Instagram browser a lot with its sophisticated and exceptional cuts. This mini drape dress in silk satin chiffon is the IT dress! Inspired by Victorian era, the dress comes in modern form. I love how the drapes and cut out giving unique factor. Wear it for summer dinner while sipping the wine, I can already imagine how this dress would be an eye catcher.

5. Chloé - Sierra Sunglasses here
I don't own a lot of sunglasses and I'm not planning to collect them as well. But sometimes I am very hooked to certain sunglasses. Summer is the perfect timing to show off your sunglasses and I am drooling for these cool Sierra sunglasses from Chloé. These sunglasses are limited edition and I'm sure many fashion bloggers are crazy about them. My favorite parts from these sunglasses are removable studded blinkers. What about you, are you fancy also for them?

6. Johanna Ortiz - St. Kitts Swimsuit here
Hanging by the pool, lake, river or beach are the activity that we mostly do during summer. I love to wear practical swimsuits but I don't put the esthetic factor aside. One of the luxury swimsuit brands that I love this year is definitely Johanna Ortiz. I feel the excitement whenever the swimsuit doesn't look so 'basic'. High fashion from shoulder ruffles and sleek black bow at the back, this swimsuit will definitely steal the show.

7. Högl - Elfie Sandals here
It's so nice to feel the white sands between your toes or being barefoot by the pool. But good sandals are needed every time. If you are those fashionista who can't get enough of having most stylish look on your summer holiday, then you don't want to miss these cute glittery Elfie sandals from Högl. These slides would match high fashion swimwear or you can also simply combine them with shorts, breezy tops and straw hat.

8. Tatcha Blotting Papers here
I have combination skin and it can be such a pain during summer. In winter I don't have to think a lot because my skin would be quite matte. But during summer it will turn into 'oil mining company' and sometimes make me very uncomfortable. I always have blotting paper in my bag to absorb the excess oil. Korean beauty is my new obsession, but I am also so into Japanese beauty and Tatcha is the brand that I would love to try. Take a look at this blotting paper packaging from Tatcha. Isn't it so pretty?  Not only beautiful clean-cut packaging but I have read also nice review about this brand. So, have you tried this brand?

9. Michael Kors - Jaryn Pavé Rose Gold Watch here
Although I love appealing statement items, but I will always love minimalist style. Adding minimalist yet elegant item will give some added value to your whole look. Look at this Jaryn watch in rose gold tone from Michael Kors. It's beautifully crafted, the design is simple and at the same time making the statement through allover pavé. This watch works with so many different looks, from cocktail dress until romper, the next go-to watch we all women need.

10. Hourglass - Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick in I Can't Live Without here
Me and red lipstick? We are not only best friends but also soulmates. I just love red lipsticks in the way that I can't even explain. Do you know another thing that I love? Hourglass! I am dying to test this brand. I know I could just order things online nowadays but I always prefer to test cosmetics directly. I have watched and read a lot of reviews about this brand and most of them are saying this brand is worth to splurge and it has refill! This Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick is already in my bucket list. I can't wait to have it and carry it around in my bag.

11. No. 21 - Knotted Open Toes Mules here
This brand is famous for the signature knot and feminine cut. I find the knotted open toes mules are perfect for summer dinner on the rooftop or for attending garden party. Since the knotted part and the design is quite grand, I would combine them with high fashion mini or midi dress. I am not sure if they are made for walking or standing for very long time, but I guess for nice decent dinner they are perfect option.


1. Becca - Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Gloss in Malibu Soleil here
Lately our Instagram browser are always get updates from collaborations between famous influencers or artists, some of them might not so suitable for us. But I am craving for this collaboration between Becca X Chrissy Teigen, you could check out the whole collection at their web and most likely at Sephora. I am in love with one of those three Glow Glow shades, Malibu Soleil. It's the middle shade of nude, my face could easily look pale if I choose the wrong nude shade and this shade seems so pretty as my go-to lipgloss during summer.

2. Gucci - Spring Bouquet Silk Turban here
There are always chances to try new items or new looks, the best way to do it is definitely during summer. Warm weather makes people let loose and more relax. This summer I am adding some bandana and turban style head pieces in my collection. What do you think about this silk turban from Gucci? I find it super gorgeous in spring bouquet print with pretty bow at the back. If you have one piece swimsuit which has only one basic color and you would like to add another appealing accessory to your look so, then you could try this silk turban and you will definitely get a lot of questions from other women!

3. Miu Miu - Gingham Cotton Feather Choker here
If you know me well, then you know that I'm so obsessed with statement accessories, especially necklaces and belts. Every time I go shopping I always look to accessories sections (same thing with online shopping, oops!). I stumbled into this gorgeous statement necklace from Miu Miu when I randomly checking online stores and I lost my words completely! This necklace is so dreamy, exactly something that I would put into my collection. I love everything about it, everything! The feather in sky blue tone, gingham print fastening also round and marquise-cut crystals. In order to compliment the necklace even more, the best way to combine it with simple cut and feminine dress. Despite the quite high price, I am totally fall for it.

4. A. L. C. - Tomlin Top here
Crop top is still in the trend, although it is not as big as last year. I rarely wear crop top, however this Tomlin top from label A. L. C. is too good to miss. The asymmetrical part is very neatly done, creating the fine-cut that sits on our body perfectly. For this theme Boho, I try to create the 'let-loose' look by combine it with shorts in jeans for non formal occasions. For more smart casual look, then you could combine it with high waisted paper bag pants, block heels mules and stylish clutch.

5. Esprit - Off-Shoulders Swimsuit here
Isn't it nice to have off-shoulders cut taking over our outfits, including swimwear? I basically love off-shoulders cut because it's so feminine. This time I'm presenting you this off-shoulder one piece from Esprit. The dark color would holding you from 'too-much-look-by-the-pool' yet it's so refined and still in statement category. The swimsuit is made with quick drying and stretch comfort material. If you prefer not to wear turban, then I find the look with pony tail, messy bun hair style would match with this swimsuit.

6. Surrat Beauty - Lid Lacquer in Kogecha here
It's always helpful to have multi-tasking cosmetic items, especially if we go for holiday somewhere in another part of the world. Lately I laid my eyes on this Lid Lacquer from Surratt Beauty in shade Kogecha. Basically it is made for our eye lids, i.e. just like the eye shadow but the texture is creamy enough to give the wet finish look. I don't know if I would go for wet look finishing, but to tone up and it would definitely give some glam on my make up. The packaging is simple and elegant, you can also apply it to your lips or gently tap it on your cheeks to touch up your look. Lid Lacquer is now available in eight shades.

7. Neogen Dermalogy - Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine here
Do you know one of my favorite beauty routines? Exfoliating! If until now you only know that face exfoliating with face scrub, then you must try this brand! It's Korean brand that I just tested recently and I just love it. It's manual exfoliating process using the pads that are pre-soaked in wine serum. The pads are made by 100% cottons and have two sided; smooth quilted side and gauze side. Before exfoliating make sure your face is free from any make up products, then you could start by using the gauze side and exfoliate your face gently in circular motions. Once again, gently and never ever rub your face skin too strong, it'll just damaging your skin. Afterwards you could use the smooth quilted side of the pad and then rinse it with water. Your skin will be smooth instantly! Usually I use it in the evening before my night skin care ritual. I won't recommend to use it daily, but once or twice in a week would be suffice or perhaps one day/one night before your special event.

8. Kate Spade - Izele Sandals here
If you love to add some fun cheerful factors on your summer outfit, then you should go for these fun cheerful Izele sandals from Kate Spade. They are designed and inspired from Palm Springs and streets in Manhattan, aren't they adorable? They will look even prettier if you combine with anything in mini; mini dress or mini shorts. Palm tree on one side and flamingo on the other, everyone just want to be on your feet!

9. Charlotte Chesnais - Faust Ring here
Ever wonder to find jewelry with uncomplicated cut with unique design? Then you should try Faust ring from Charlotte Chesnais brand. It has silver, rose gold and gold vermeil bands and very exceptional design. I find the ring would go nicely with smart casual style or more 'relax' style such as modern boho that I would like to create.

10. Staud - Minnow Bag here
Choosing the bag for our summer holiday can be intriguing. You want to carry roomy bag but you don't want to carry those regular canvas bags, you want to be stylish but carrying those wooden bags are leaving you with very limited items what to carry. Not to mention that we want to be chic and modern at the same time. Trust me, you are not the only one who feel this dilemma. Minnow bag from Staud is probably one of the answers that you could choose. Design of this bucket bag is so unique that you just want to put it on your wishlist. Made from calf leather, with suede lining, this round bag has zipper closure. The bag would look great with stylish shorts, midi pleated or flowy skirts, it would certainly look great with high waisted paperbag pants.

11. Au Jour Le Jour - Beaded Trim Shorts here
Tired of mixin' and matchin' the same old boho style and you prefer to create the simple, modern yet chic and irressistable look? Then add these beaded trim shorts from Au Jour Le Jour to your look. Beaded shorts that still bringing some boho vibes, yet not too complicated and too much. You can combine them with long loose blouse, off shoulders, crop tops, bandeau top until simply tshirt or tank top.

12. Christian Louboutin - Chocazeppa Glitters Diam/Specchio 120 mm here
Who doesn't love wedges? Most of women do love wedges! We love the fact that we will look taller and at the same time still come comfortable than stilettos. What do you think about these Chocazeppa wedges from Christian Louboutin? These wedges are inspired from 1970's espadrilles. The metal studs are adding some 'tough' factor but not too 'rocky'. With 120 mm towering curves, they will make your legs longer and look slender.

Have you decided which style do you prefer more?
Posh by the pool? Pretty at summer party? Or both?
It's you call! :-)


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