Monday, 7 May 2018


Blouse & Trousers: H&M ¦ Watch: Tissot ¦ Lips: Marc Jacobs
Photos by: Kikitato Photography
Location: Tjong A Fie Mansion

It's almost twelve years since I moved from Medan, the third biggest city in Indonesia, to Switzerland. Building a new life in another part of the world is never easy.
I had to learn new language, struggling during winter or having culture shock. Although I am a type who likes to learn new language and will put efforts into it, however in early few years of my life in Switzerland was full of challenges. I had even experienced all of symptoms of culture shock; from overwhelming homesickness, felt lonely and lost, there were times when I questioned myself why I had to move to this country, other moments I felt so clueless and confused how to build the friendship here. 

People said that there are phases of adaptation in living abroad. You would feel euphoria at the beginning, then would fall into the phase when you are really confused and realize that life there isn't as 'nice' as you thought. Afterwards you will compare many aspects in that country with your country, you will reject many things during this adaptation phase. I remember that I rejected to many European food on the first year and it was crazy because I am living in Europe. I couldn't eat Rösti and even spaghetti because I would've felt sick. Insanely weird, I know. 
But there will come a phase where you gain your self confidence back, you would feel that you have built solid foundation. Solid foundation could be many things, but to me it would be my education. I am happy that I made my decision to take business school in German. I know there are also options to take classes in English, but it was worth it. 

Living somewhere abroad will always have perks.
I am feeling lucky to be able to build a new life in another country, learned new language, had the good education and having the career, I feel that I was reborn to be a better me; stronger, more independent and confident, my public speaking is even improved. 
At this point, I started to look back and do you know what I saw?
The place where I was born and raised. The place that I have left almost twelve years.

There are many things that I miss from my country, Indonesia. My family, friends and food are the top three that I'm longing for. I don't plan to go back and live in Indonesia (at least not at the moment), but I do realize that doesn't matter how far I have walked and became, I will always remember my homeland. 
I visited Indonesia to spend time with my family during Christmas and New Year. It felt so good to be back. I wouldn't lie that there are moments that I felt so unfamiliar with a few situations, there were even moments that I felt like I didn't belong there anymore. 
Time flies, everything changes including me.

I will never regret those changes in me, on the other hand I felt some sweet memories danced with me whenever I walked to placed that I went to in the past. 
So fascinating how we build the connections into another thing without leaving our base completely. No matter how long the distance from my country to Switzerland, there are things that I will always carry with me; love for my family, sweet stories with my best friends also things that will reflect into my daily life unconsciously. 
Culture and tradition. They are also parts of my identity.
The heritage.


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  1. That look is so cute. I love the polka dots.