Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Spring is already standing in front of the door and no longer shy to step in.
I am so looking forward to have spring here in Switzerland, you have no idea how happy I am, knowing that it's slightly warmer and at least now the temperature is above zero degrees.
I have spent time a lot at home while it was extremely freezing a few weeks ago, it was literally one of the coldest winter since almost 12 years my time living in Switzerland.
And! While I was staying at home trying to make myself warm with hot chocolate, blanket and crime series marathon, I was thinking of one thing: Spring Cleaning! :-)

Since there are many events coming up, for today's edition I will present two different looks; Fun Fearless and another one is Feminine. Fun Fearless look is for those who love street style look, demanding more flexibility and freedom. Feminine look is for those who love to reveal the ladylike side. I am combining all of the items of my hot wishlist and things that I recently purchased. 
So ladies, get ready for these!


1. Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid - One Piece here
Don't we love this Spring/Summer collaboration of Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid? As soon as the collection hit the catwalk, I am in love with them. Check this one piece swimsuit out! Such a trendy one piece with cut-out style, so glad that our summer will be more colorful with trendy swimsuits. The best thing is that this one piece is so easy to combine with many things in case that you are at the pool party or beach party. 

2. Esprit - Metallic Leather Belt-Bag here
The comeback of belt bag! I am not wearing belt bag, but to see that there are so many cute designs for belt bag this year, well I am indeed intrigued! Look at this metallic leather belt bag from Esprit, with versatile design this belt bag will steal the attention without losing the function of carrying your essentials. This belt bag is also adjustable, you could wear it on your waist or over on your shoulder. Let's give it a go this year for belt-bag!

3. Fenty Beauty - Stunna Lip Paint here 
I am so happy that there are more and more cosmetics for many different skin tones; Fenty Beauty is one of them! Rihanna is made such a great job in bringing this concept for her cosmetic brand such as featuring 40 different shades for foundations and of course Stunna Lip Paint! There are so many shades of red and not many are nicely suitable for any skin tone. This Stunna Lip Paint is made for every woman. One color for every woman. How clever it is! We, women, are always having difficulties to find the right shade for our lips then why don't just grab one lip product that match for any occasion?

4. Esprit - Stripes Bracelet here
Fearless multi-tasking women need eclectic accessories, don't we all agree? If that's what you are looking for then this fun stripes bracelet from Esprit is the key! Not only would the bright sporty design, the touch of faux pearls still give you ladylike touch. Never underestimate the impact of your accessories on your whole look; because once you wear it on, this bracelet would steal the show!

5. NYX - Lingerie Eye Shadow Palette here
Natural nude eye make up will always be my style. I love to put natural nude shades on my eyes, that's why as soon as I saw this Lingerie eye shadow palette from NYX, I couldn't stop thinking of it. Finally I have managed to buy them last week and what I could say... so pretty! The palette consists of six nude shades; they are natural shades which so easy to combine with other colors. Simply perfect for everyday use.

6. Esprit - Oversized Rounded Sunglasses here
Are you ready for summer? Well I do! 
It's time to take out your most stylish sunglasses and do your activity freely under the sun. I honestly hooked by these sunglasses from Esprit; the Retro style design would definitely stand out for summer. I do believe that sunglasses should not only give me protections but also should elevate my look. These sunglasses are made for round, angular as well as oval face; very adaptable is that what we want!

7. Guess - Shorts with Lace here
Every woman needs at least one pair of pretty shorts, don't we? Summer is almost there and I am sure some of you are planning to buy new shorts (just like me LOL). Check these shorts from Guess out! Since I am not really a fan of micro shorts, I find the length is very comfortable. These shorts are really made to show your feminine side, so pretty with touch of lace. 

8. Benton - Aloe BHA Skin Toner
I am the new fan of Korean cosmetics! I know.. I know.. I am sooo late. Lately I read a lot about Korean cosmetics and which brands are worth to try, I watched plenty of reviews in order to know deeper about K beauty. I aim to do reformation to repair my skin structure and I am certain that K beauty has good quality products. Finally I have found one of the products which I am using currently; it's Aloe BHA Skin Toner from Benton. I use it after cleaning my face; simply tap gently to the face and it will absorb very quick. Until now my skin doesn't give any bad reactions and I also use the essence afterwards from the same brand. I just love the 'tight-skin-sensation' of using combination of them; I feel my skin much improved. K beauty is my new hobby!

9. Karl Lagerfeld - Joleigh Watch here
I am indeed influenced so much from items which have golden tones, just like this Karl Lagerfeld Joleigh watch. I just love this watch, although the dominant color is black, but it speaks out so loud through golden touch. The design represents strength and luxury, it also didn't leave the classic premium touches that will wrap up your wrist.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills X Amrezy - Amrezy Highlighter here
I guess we are all agree that the last few years are really the year of highlighter! So many brands are competing to launch ultra-pigmented highlighter which can be seen from outer space! I personally don't use highlighter brutally, but I do love to try out and buy beautiful highlighter such as this beautiful collaboration between Anastasia Beverly Hills with famous beauty blogger Amrezy. It's so beautifully pigmented and we don't have to talk about the pretty packaging. ABH and Amrezy did rock the Instagram with this collaboration. 

11. Esprit - Red Sneakers with Frills here
Summer is also sneakers time! Did I ever mention how happy I am that sneakers nowadays are no longer so boring as in the past? I was never a fan of sneakers, I even lived my life without sneakers for more than ten years and it was fine to me LOL. But, I would change my mind immediately whenever I see these cute sneakers from Esprit. Let's start with flashy red color: just my favorite! It matches my lipstick shades perfectly. I also love the idea that by seeing them at the first look, you will know right away that they are sneakers for women! The touch of frills on both sides made them even more feminine but also not too much, I know sometimes we love some trendy sneakers but then we wonder how to wear them properly because they are just way too much and losing the functions. So I will put these pretty red ladies into my summer wishlist!

12. Puma - En Pointe Zip Up Jacket here
En Pointe collection from Puma got me hooked! Who doesn't love trendy sport outfits?! This zip up jacket from Puma En Pointe collection is something that I am still eyeing; however I keep holding back myself because of the color. I love how the simplicity and clean cut of this jacket, the zip up system is also made the jacket very practical. I find the jacket is perfect to complete the look that I created to summer pool party. 


1. Esprit - Lace String-Body here
I have no idea how many times I emphasize that every woman  should feel free in her undergarments. Underwear is like the foundation of our outfits, if the base isn't strong and solid then it won't make the best whole look! Strong is not only the key, but beautiful as well. That's why I fell in love with this super sexy lace string body from Esprit. I mean, how do I start? Such a clever system without losing its sensuality. There are no borders of using lingerie, as long as you feel comfortable underneath them, you're good to go! 

2. Esprit - Vegan Patent Leather Pumps with Block Heels here
Twice in a week I am working 9 to 5 and wearing comfortable shoes is a part of the non-written rules. Lately I always tend to search for block heels that I could use for any occasion, I guess I have found the answer! These block heels pumps would be perfect for daily use, the comfortable heels height won't narrow my activities. The best part is, they are made from vegan patent leather. Well, now we are talking!

3. Caolion - Pore Pack Duo Hot & Cold Mask here
I have mentioned above that I am in love with Korean beauty lately and this is one of the products that I am using now! Pore Pack Duo Hot & Cold Mask from Caolion is just blown me away! First time I tried this product actually because Sephora gave me the sample. At first I just thought, well just another kind of mask that promising to reduce pores. I have to say that I tried so many masks and usually I got even more skeptical afterwards. One evening I decided to tried it out, the mask has two steps begins from hot mask and followed by cold mask. While using hot mask I felt that my pores were really 'being cleaned', this warm sensation that I can't really put into words nicely. Afterwards I used the cold mask and after all of the procedures I cleaned my face. I have never felt my skin so fresh after wearing mask before! My skin literally more moist and so matte, no comparison to my usual greasy skin. Ladies, this mask is definitely the bomb, you really need to try.

4. Pinko - Cotton Lace Trench Coat here
I am so looking forward to wear anything light at the moment! I can't wait to put aside of my heavy down jacket and put some light trench coat, such as this pretty cotton lace trench coat by Pinko. This trench coat would just perfect for spring and summer. I always love to have the combination of feminity and solidity, plus the lace material that would uplift the style factor. Combine this trench with pretty dress and heels or being playful with pretty top, shorts and wedges; the game is just endless!

5. Ted Baker - Norahe Versailles Cold Shoulder Frill Dress here
Statement dress would melt my heart immediately. Literally! Pay attention on this pretty Norahe Versailles dress from Ted Baker and I don't see any aspect that I don't love. From the pastel tones touch, cold shoulders style, beautiful print, it's just bring up your feminine side in a very elegant way. Because I do believe that to show women's feminity is not by wearing mini dress but wearing the right dress. 

6. Huda Beauty - Liquid Matte 'Icon' here
There are some many beauty bloggers out there but there are not many as successful as Huda Kattan by creating Huda Beauty brand. It's been a while that I am eyeing to her beauty brand but still holding back to try it on. This year I plan to dare myself to try her brand, I have read reviews and watched videos featuring her products. One of the items that I want to try is this liquid matte lipstick in color 'Icon'. I find the shade is perfect for many events and I am a big fan of liquid matte lipstick.

7. Farsali - Unicorn Essence here
Perhaps you have heard about this beauty oil and the beautiful story behind its creation. This beauty essence is all over Instagram and tried by numerous make up artists and beauty vloggers and bloggers. I am still thinking of buying it, still don't know whether it would work on my skin or not though, but shall we admit it, isn't it pretty? When they put the word 'unicorn', I find there is such a magical power out of nowhere pulling me and saying, "Put me on your summer hot list!"

8. Marc Jacobs - Eye-Conic Multi Finish Eye Shadow Palette here
Marc Jacobs is one my favorite make up brand! I'm using the lipstick, mascara, nail polish and also the eye liner, they never let me down! One product that I still haven't try out is Eye-Conic Multi Finish Eye Shadow Palette in 'Glambition'. The collection of nude neutral shades that will be perfect to give my evenings some glam! I am planning to try it on this year and I know they won't also let me down.

9. Coach 1941 - Dinky with Tea Rose Bag here
Raise your hand if you are agree that every woman should have one pretty bag! If you are agree, then you might consider this Coach 1941 Dinky bag as your new companion. I just love the floral appliqué and detachable woven chain straps, just perfect for summer events such as summer wedding. Made of leather complete with the cute coin pouch in the interior. The 22" chain straps allows you to carry it as shoulder bag and as crossbody bag.

10 &11. Esprit - Art Déco Style Earrings here and Art Déco Ring here
Art Déco is back! This time art déco infiltrates into our accessories and gives special touch. I am honestly in love with these art déco style accessories from Esprit. Both ring and earrings are just beautifully crafted and exceptional designs. Thumbs up for Esprit in bringing this art work back to the trend, they will certainly be the statement on the look which is something that I always love (you know me, I am the queen of statement accessories!). By seeing them I could imagine myself doing time travel into year 1920's having party with Jay Gatsby, which is just almost every woman's dream. 

12. Esprit - Set of Watch and Bracelet here
Day by day I am becoming a huge fan of rose gold, I bought a few things in rose gold because I just can't get enough of this shade. As soon as I saw this beautiful watch from Esprit in rose gold, I am getting weak. I just want to buy it! The best part isn't just stop right there, because it is actually a set of watch and metal bracelet that you could wear individually or wear them together. Isn't it clever?! I find to wear them together or only the bracelet for more casual events and wear the watch alone for formal events. Seriously, we need more clever solutions like this and I am sure our life would be easier (and prettier)!

I hope you all had fun today going through all of my new items and my hot wishlist!
Did you bought the same items as mine or do you plan to get one or even all of them?
Do share with me and let's keep shopping! :-)


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