Friday, 2 March 2018

Red Red Wine

Blouse: Rohmir ¦ Skirt: Zara (old)¦ Lips: Marc Jacobs Le Marc 'Blow'
Photos: Stephanie

I know it's too late to say happy new year, so let's skip some awkward moments LOL!

How's your winter going on?
After my trip to Indonesia, I got caught up with few crucial things and changes in my routines and honestly it took my energy so much. Despite of my jet lag, going back to my routines in winter after spending more than two weeks in tropical weather, it felt like my energy drained out of my body.

Entering February I am starting to gain some more strength.
Usually after 9 PM I fell asleep and woke up around 5 AM; which was very good since my body needed the break. Now that the winter coming back after a few bright days last week, even to get up in the morning seems like a huge responsibility.

What are your favorite things to do during winter?
My ideal winter days would be wrap myself with warm blanket on the sofa, lit scented candles, watching crime series or thriller movie with a cup of hot chocolate. Sounds very cliche, but this is my ideal picture of winter.

Since I haven't share my outfit for a few months (thanks to Instagram that made me barely taking care of my blog!) so here it is my not-so-winter-outfit!
Black lace top with Victorian neck cut from Rohmir. How perfect the nude tonr that matches my skin perfectly. This blouse is just a dream! I combined the blouse with mini faux leather Zara skirt in red wine color. These two items are my favorite, they can easily boost my outfit into another level of style. I love to match them with my Marc Jacobs Le Marc lipstick in shade 'Blow'.

This time I don't write a lot but promise you all there will be more writings in the future.
Wishing you all a good week!



  1. You are such a vision! Love the lace top and the skirt! GORGEOUS!
    xo Beckerman Girls

  2. You look fabulous, love your blouse!

  3. Stunning outfit