Friday, 1 December 2017


Dress: Sandro Paris ¦ Bag: Furla ¦ Pumps: Salvatore Ferragamo ¦ Statement Necklace: No Name
Photographer: Stephanie
It's been a while since my latest post. I won't lie that I miss to blog so much.
Lately I am caught up with so many things; family, job and the biggest part which is my holiday to Indonesia! I still have a few deadlines at work which has to be done by 11th December, I still haven't started to packed my stuffs yet, my suitcase is still in the cellar to be honest. I know I have to start it very soon.


In this hectic situation - no matter how I try to be cool and tell myself to be okay - sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. It's not only the circumstances or the deadlines that stressed me out, but also the people that I deal with. Lately I feel like that I am dealing with a few people but they do consume my energy. We all know that there are those kinds of people, that we have to deal with no matter how hard we try to avoid, or people who seemed so nice at the beginning but turned out to be the beast. Well unfortunately this conditions are unexceptional, we do have to face them in life at least once. Those people are one of the sources of my fatigue and kept my mind occupied.

Forget with negative people!
Let's talk a little bit about my holiday. I hardly can wait to fly and meet my family.
After being away five years, I will meet my brother and sisters again.
Five years and I still couldn't believe it that I will visit my home town again. If there are things that I miss so much from Indonesia these five years are; my family, my best friend and Indonesian food!
Indonesian food is to me the best food in the world! :o)
How about you guys?
Did you plan big holiday end of 2017 too?
Big thanks to my beautiful friend, Stephanie, who made all of these photo shoot came true!
Such a fun time to work with her, who is incredibly talented.
Happy Friday, everyone!

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