Thursday, 5 October 2017


Summer has already waved us goodbye.
Fresh summer breeze replaced by colder wind, leaves are turning yellow or red, grasses are no longer so green and becoming so dry. Everything is turning and adjusting to autumn season.
What about our outfit?

I am sure many of you are already all set for autumn and winter season.
This year I have not so many preparations for autumn, my excitement is for my trip to Indonesia in December! It will be around mid of December and I will spend warm Christmas and New Year's Eve in Medan, my home town. I definitely wouldn't mind to spend warm Christmas! :-)
But! We are still in beginning of October and there are still around two months to go until my trip.
So I keep searching some interesting stuffs that I could put to my long endless wishlist.

Casual Look

1. Esprit - Navit Bralette here
Did I said it right that year 2016 and 2017 are the years for bralette? Forget once in a while push up bras and take a look at this sleek yet sexy bralette from Esprit. I'm so hooked by the design and that black lace... how can I resist? I love to wear bralette underneath stylish top and feeling so feminine. What about you? Do you like to wear bralette too? If you would like to try, then I would really recommend this Navit bralette.

2. Charlotte Tilbury - Matte Revolution Lipstick 'Bond Girl' here
Being a woman I feel so lucky to have so many secret weapons, one of them is lipstick :-)
Do you know that lipstick would bring so much change in women's look? They will definitely bring up every woman's beauty. That's why I really love to wear lipstick and this matte lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury is just so tempting. Or is it also because of the name 'Bond Girl'?
Who doesn't want to be a Bond Girl? :-)

3. AUrate - Diamond Circle Ring here
I love to wear statement jewelry, but I also admire the clean simple cut jewelry such as this beautiful diamond ring from AUrate. The simplicity yet precious jewelry will always give our look into another level.

4. Tory Burch - Collins Watch Double Wrap here
I don't have so many watches but going out from home without watch, it feels like something is missing. I always into both casual or feminine style kind of watches. This Tory Burch watch is both casual and feminine. The Special touch from double wrap is an added value and cognac is a timeless color.

5. Liu Jo - Poplin Jumper here
I really love how the jumpers are very vary in the last three years. Frankly spoken, I am not really a jumper person. I love the warmth that jumper offers but mostly in the past I do not like the designs. So yay for the unique and more feminine jumper styles, just like this chic Poplin jumper from Liu Jo. Something that I wouldn't mind at all to show it off and I can always combine it easily with skinny jeans. The best part is, I could pair it also with my heels!

6. Kennel & Schmenger - Ruby Ankle Boots here
Autumn is the perfect time to take out our ankle boots. Since I am not really a fan of ankle boots with rocky style, I tend to look for lady like look such as these beautiful Ruby ankle boots from Kennel & Schmenger. Love the combination of anthracite color and faux fur that give the cuddly touch. Did any you bought some cuddly shoes?

7. Esprit - Bouclé Jacket in Retro Style here
Bouclé jacket is one of my favorite items in both spring and autumn. I find bouclé jacket is very practical and still give me some warmth. I have a few already at home and I wouldn't mind to add another one just like this bouclé jacket from Esprit. I really love its simple cut, loose enough to wear jumper underneath and the best part is the black and white colors which send me some classic Parisian vibes.

8. Esprit - Multicolor Crossbody Bag here
What happens if you combine cognac and navy blue colors? They can transfer into a chic bag!
Check out this pretty bag from Esprit, it will be my go-to bag for strolling in the city. Small yet enough to carry my essentials (including my beauty case LOL). I wasn't a fan of crossbody bag a few years ago, but now I find them very handy and practical. Crossbody bag always save me time and I can easily be handsfree.

9. Gucci - Bloom Eau de Parfum here
There are so many scents out there and I always in love with light and fresh scents. Recently I gave this Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum as the birthday gift for my friend but now I also want to have it. Isn't this situation is a déjà vu to all of us? :o)
The scents of fresh plants are my favorites so I look forward to have it!

10. Esprit - Stretch Skinny Jeans here
It is not overreacted if we say that skinny jeans is a must item in our closet. Actually almost my jeans are skinny jeans. I find them so practical and so chic, just like these stretch skinny jeans from Esprit. The cut is simple and working very well for both casual and lady like styles. Grey is the color that I love to wear for jeans because so versatile and tough color to face my hectic working mommy life. You don't need the jeans that will complicate your daily life, but the strong adaptable ones will always save your days!

Party Look

1. Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham - Eye Shadow Palette here
Since last year I am collecting the Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham make up collections and unfortunately missed a few of them. This year I found out that they will release some more new items and I can't hardly wait to have them. One of the items on my list is this eye shadow palette. Love the combination of the colors, they are so beautiful and perfect for autumn vibes.
Did any of you tried this eye shadow palette yet?

2. Jimmy Choo - Anouk Nude Patent Leather Stiletto here
Who doesn't love to have a pair of stiletto in nude? Raise your hands with me!
As the fan of statement items myself, I can easily fall for some simplicity in elegance. The stiletto Anouk in nude color are the shoes that I always wanted to have.

3. Bvlgari - Goldea Rose Eau de Parfum here
Another perfume which is on my list is Bvlgari Goldea Rose. Rose is one of my favorite scents for perfume and it is difficult not to love them. With the mixture with other exotic flowers such as ylang ylang, jasmine and neroli, I feel like being in a flower garden somewhere everytime I apply it on my skin.

4. Esprit - Lace Bodysuit here
Who's into beautiful bodysuits just like me? There are a few fashion items that descreetly will give women self confidence and bodysuit is one of them. Eventhough I wear it underneath my clothes but the support to my body is the factor that I will always count. Red is always my color and I just love this Esprit bodysuit. Pay attention on the red lace which gives the sexy vibes and the unique cross back that will give another supports. I feel like Christmas is already knocking on the door!

5. Zimmermann - Folly Flutter Dress here
I am one of the persons who will wear flowery or vivid patterns regardless in summer or winter. I find that the weather should not always dictate us LOL. This beautiful elegant dress from Zimmermann will be something that I would love to wear for evening party. The frills are the womanly parts, although the color is neutral but this dress will striking enough to make the whole people in the room turning their look on you!

6. Esprit - Silver and Zirconia Ring here
What I seek in jewelry are both simplicity and statement. I love statement pieces that will elevate my look but I also fall into the simple curated designs that will speak up in silence. Look at this beautiful silver ring from Esprit! I don't need to wear four or five different rings that will make me look like a walking shop, I simply need one ring that brings elegance to my look.

7. Esprit - 2 in 1 Silver Earrings here
In my daily life I don't wear earrings too often. I only wear them for certain occasions, such as wedding party or date nights. That's why I tend to choose simple designs for earrings, such as these 2 in 1 earrings from Esprit. I can basically use them from day to night events without being worry with mix and match issues.

8. Tom Ford - Patent Finish Lip Color 'Orchid Fatale' here
Another lipstick that I'm putting on my list (Oh No!). I was recently at Tom Ford counter and had the chance to tried it on and of course I was madly in love immediately with this lipstick. It was this exact color 'Orchid Fatale' that I tried on and I felt the femme fatale vibes trying to crawl out. So much feelings could be discover from one swipe of lipstick.
How about you, ladies?

9. Esprit - Floral Print Pochette here
Eventough I am more a shopper bag kind of person, but I always love to wear small bag from time to time. This Esprit floral pochette would be something that I would love to have. Small but spacious enough for cocktail events or to celebrate birthday party with my girl friends. Basically with this pochette I have no problem to combine with my outfit, one thing is less to think about. Don't we all love it?

Autumn is already here and as much as I love summer, I have to go through autumn and winter.
Enjoying the cold wind in my cuddly outfits, watching the golden leaves falling from the trees and walking on them with my warm ankle boots, seeing the green grasses turning cold and icy.
Autumn is fall. If you love autumn, I am sure autumn will fall for you.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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