Monday, 21 August 2017


Top: Pia Brand via Kollektivist ¦ Trousers: Mango ¦ Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag: Prada ¦ Watch: Balmain ¦ Lips: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick - Cherry Skies

Life is the journey of making choices.
The huge field where we educate ourselves to become 'the decision maker' and master the tricks how to face the consequences. The world is a place to train ourselves to get along with life.
But wait, what if suddenly life treats us badly?

There are so many phases in our life coming and parting.
Sometimes so many things are coming simultaneously, there is no time to sort them out or even time to take a deep breath.
We can't avoid them, it's impossible. What we can do is to deal with them.
Whenever I am feeling down due to some unsolved problems at the same time, then I will try to let my emotions out first. Later usually I will do these things subconsciously to find my peace.

Finding My Tunes 
Every time I am having stress, I will listen to music more often than usual. Some relaxing music for meditation won't work for me, trust me I will have more headache and anger than before LOL. Mostly I like to listen to rock music (while crying inside wishing the golden era of rock music to be back) but I do also enjoy trance-slash-house-slash-party-music :o)
Although they seem quite different kind of music genres, but they usually quite effective for me. With rock music I feel that I could channel my anger, I simply love to hear the guitar's distortion. With trance music I could let my mind free and travel to the places I have never been or will never ever been, then I will let my wildest imagination playing and let them stay there together with the sadness or rest of negative emotions.

Usually after listening to music very intensive everyday, I would like to write things. Unfortunately I am no longer as productive as I used to. It takes longer for me to compose something.
But it is not impossible!
Sometimes I just need to type one word and some minutes later they will flow unstoppable. Lately I like to write quite long on my Instagram, I just feel happy that I could write that long and they are purely from my heart. Whenever I read them again, I feel reborn.
Writing has been my meditation since I was a kid and to be able to still writing until now makes me so grateful.

Coffee Time
Since I was in Indonesia, I always love to hang out with my best friend at the coffee shops. We have spent long time and talk about many things (well, mostly about boys and music concerts LOL). This habit has been my routine for years now and I am doing it also in Zurich.
One thing missing is my best friend.
Long before Rania was born, I always went to coffee shops in Zurich by my own.
Perhaps it wasn't always the taste of coffee that I was looking for, I simply seeking for tranquility.... through a cup of coffee. It sounds so weird that I am having friends in Zurich but I tend to go to coffee shops alone, even my friends say that I am so weird. I have tried to go with other people to coffee shops and it's difficult to find my peace.
At the coffee shops I like to sit alone looking out of the windows. Although afterwards I don't speak to anyone for more than one hour, I feel happy and relieved. When I am having heavy problems sometimes I couldn't hold my tears while sipping my coffee, usually because I really miss to talk to someone, whenever I feel my voice unheard. At least coffee cup will always be the true companion to listen to my unspoken feelings. Even if I can't find any solutions right away, then most of the time I swallow my problems and trying to solve them by my own.

Self Appreciation
Just like other women, I love cute stuffs. Yes, I am talking about fashion and beauty.
Let me tell you more about the connections between cute stuffs and to drain away the stress.
Whenever I feel down, I will eat less. My weight will drop immediately up to two kilos due to stress. It doesn't sound good, but somehow I feel grateful that I don't have to struggle with stress eating or stress shopping. Although I could eat quite big portion (why we are all not surprised?! LOL) but stress will cause me losing my appetite.
What about shopping appetite?
From time to time I purchase items that I love, usually I buy after my stress has passed because I don't want to buy something out of anger.
I simply like to give myself reward every year, especially on year end.
It is my way to do self appreciation. The purchase doesn't have to be something fancy.
One liquid matte lipstick might also brighten my day.

If you are currently searching for something special, here is an item that you could give to yourself as self appreciation; Mix Match Sleeveless Blouse from Pia Brand, which you could get via Kollektivist here.
Clean cut with asymmetrical touch, this top will be perfect for go-to top including on your hectic days. If you haven't heard yet about Kollektivist, then find out more here. This Swiss-based fashion platform has most unique pieces that won't let you down.
Check out also another look of mine wearing Pia Brand here.

We all know life will never be easy to live in.
Learning to be the decision maker takes challenges. We will always find bumpy roads along the way, they will certainly create ups and downs phases. However without bumpy roads our life will be nothing but flat. Whenever we fall, some bruises might take some time to heal, some wounds will remain there just like irremovable stamp.
But there are always spaces to appreciate ourselves.
Also remember that there is Kollektivist.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. Nice post dear, I also prefer to meditate without music because it can indeed give me headache! Sometimes the sound of nothing is the best.

    Your lipstick goes really really well with your skin dear :) lovely photos!