Monday, 8 May 2017


Blazer: Pia Brand via Kollektiv ¦ Top: Morgan ¦ Trousers: Mango ¦ Bag: Furla ¦ Shoes: MiuMiu ¦
Lips: Nyx Liquid Suede ¦ Nails: L'Oreal
Photos by: Ece Kefalaki

Waking up in the morning lately is no longer as twenty year ago.
Not only that our age is climbing to higher number, but the feeling to wake up in such different feeling than years ago. One definite difference is: insecurity.
Although many of us are trying to avoid to know deeply about what happen in our world, yet we could still feel some changes haunting us. As if every time we read the newspaper, those news will suddenly jump out and sit next to us.

How I wish that the world would be more peaceful place for us.
One thing that I keep wishing that there will be more love in this world.
I hope every parent would invest to teach their children in spreading affections, care, emphathy as well as tolerance.
I hope there will be more soldiers of love, people who will fight for love. They will motivate others to spread love. Well I guess it's not so easy to simply bump into such people nowadays.

Therefore I prefer to carry along these 'soldiers of love'.
This special design Soldier blazer here which you could get via Kollektiv is a unique piece.
I love everything about this blazer. The design, colors, oversized cut with cute soldiers artwork on the back. You know that I love statement items and to wear this blazer made me feel unforgettable :-)
I pair this blazer with skinny jeans, top with neutral color, pumps and mini crossbody bag for my smart casual look to meet my friends for coffee klatch.
You don't need a lot of details everywhere, simply put them on the right spots.


If you are interested to know more about Kollektiv, find out more here.
I could assure you this online shopping platform has items that would make your look even more special.


The world will always in demand of love and it takes a lot of strength and huge efforts to become a soldier of love. But it would take only one click to find these Soldiers of Love.


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  1. You look great!
    Totally digging the blazer coat♥