Monday, 17 April 2017


Ruffles Sweater & Coat: Zara ¦ Jeans: Mango ¦ Sneakers: Kurt Geiger ¦ Bag: Furla ¦ Sunglasses: Tom Ford

While my fingers are typing on the keyboard, trying to combine words into logical sentences, the raindrops hit the window. You got it, it's typical weather in April.
Some of you are probably enjoying Coachella at the moment.
Feeling the beats that make you move your body, music that made us feel so free in the desert area. Wish I could also be there. Listening to music is always one of the things that I love, including going to the concert. Despite the music and the bands who are performing, what I really enjoy at the concert is the energy. It is so magical how music could guide people, unite and being as the theraphy at the same time.
I am sure that is what is going on in Palm Springs, California now.

But, I am not in Palm Springs.
My current location is still Switzerland (and I am sure there will be so much changes until the end of the year). During Easter break the weather has been terrible. Last week it was very nice, almost like summer. I was so optimistic that the weather will stay like that, but look what those raindrops do outside the window.
Kinda depressing, I know.

Since I cannot wear my festival attire for this kind of weather, I want to put something 'cheerful' through statement white sweater with ruffles on sleeves, Furla Metropolis bag and Kurt Geiger faux fur sneakers.
After more than ten years not having sneakers, I surrender.
I still don't know why I didn't want to buy sneakers. Perhaps I had some unnecessary 'judgements' toward sneakers or maybe simply because sneakers in the past were not as stylish as nowadays. Those phase in the past might have clouded my decisions LOL.
Now I know why U2 made the song with title "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."


Luckily now I have found what I was looking for.
I fell in love immediately with these beauties. The burgundy color, faux fur as eye catcher, metal element as statement closure. Each detail compliments the other.
On some photos you will see that I also had my brown faux fur coat from Zara. Though I had my ruffles sleeves but surprisingly they were still fit inside the coat and (luckily) didn't get wrinkled too.

Outside the window is still drizzling.
I'm still typing the words out of my brain, still composing for so-called fashion blog while listening to my music playlist; from Nirvana unplugged, Incubus, Guns 'n Roses until Calvin Harris, Paul van Dyke and Aviici.
In Palm Springs the show is still going on, the music must have been so loud, almost tear off the ears.
Meanwhile in Switzerland... (let me try to fill this blanks).
P.S. Happy Easter to you all who celebrate!

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  1. I used to be one of the anti-sneakers member once, but now I rely so much to my sneakers to climb the subways stairs and happy that my current place is very sneakers friendly environment hahaha