Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Jacket: Sisley ¦ Dress: Morgan ¦ Shoes: Ras
Which thought crossed in your mind when you think of this word?
People made their own definition of freedom; some prefer to define it as the ability to breathe the clear air, to be close to nature. Some others made the definition of freedom by living the life with no rules, whereas some percentage of people take the word freedom as an absolute power.

I used to have such wild imagination of this word.
I had big dreams, well I didn't plan so far to change the world like many beautiful minds in this world, but I took the part in having the big big dreams to feel freedom.

As the years goes by, I look at the term freedom in another way of thinking.
Freedom comes in even simplest thing. For me being as a working mom (and blogger!) means to work things double, triple or even more in order to keep everything running. It means I have so little time to think of myself or to take care of myself. There are many days when I have overlapping thoughts and still couldn't find solution of any of my problems, so I just living my day (almost) without any plans. Yes, there are also days like this when my energy intensively consumed.
Reaching to this point, usually I seek for my traquility.
Doesn't have to be something big or fancy. Sometimes even in one cup of cappuccino.
The moment when I sip my cappuccino was my freedom.
Juggling between family, works (and blog!) are never easy.
Since having Rania, my definition of freedom has been changed into: me time.
To me the moment 'me time' is something very precious. Usually when I get the chance to do me time, then very often I go to have massage. Afterwards, I like to spend time in a quiet coffee shop and enjoying the silence.
How about freedom in fashion?
To me, freedom in fashion is about being ready to break any rules and make breakthrough. Dare to show the confidence in wearing what we are carrying. Regardless how fancy our clothes, bags or shoes are but if we don't look so comfortable in it, then it would seems only like an act.
Freedom in fashion to me is also being free to mix different ideas, fabrics, textures and styles.
Striped bodycon dress, green jacket with ruffles details and phyton print flats.
Everything doesn't seem click each other, but I combine them anyway.
Wore them in confidence.
Because that's the core of freedom is.


  1. These sound really lovely! Xx I'm happy you like it! x You will like to see more fashion from here.

  2. Love that cute little dress

    xxx, Eva

  3. You look beautiful! Love the look!