Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Dress: Sisley ¦ Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld ¦ Belt: Morgan ¦ Shoes: Navyboot ¦ Nails: Essie ¦
Lips: YSL Kiss and Blush 11 Prune Impertinente ¦ Tights: Falke
Happy New Year 2017!
Hi guys, I hope you had the good start in 2017.
Another year, means one more year for my blog. Yup, it's been two years that I am having this blog. Despite of some absents I have made last year, I still love my blog so much. Hopefully 2017 will bring good things in our life, I also hope that I could post more often on the blog as well as on Instagram.
During year-end going to new year people tend to make wishes, resolutions, plans, or whatever they can call them. But what if the resolution of new year is to have less clothes in the closet?

This year I plan to buy less clothes, well actually I have done it since last year gradually. The reason I want to do it simply because I have bought too many clothes in the past. So instead of buying some more clothes, I prefer to wear what I am having currently and at the same time sort them little by little. Not an easy job, especially if you can't resist the cute dresses like me. But it doesn't mean this 'Shop My Closet' project impossible either.
For today's look I am presenting some old items in my closet.
Starting from faux leather and lace black dress from Sisley. We all know that any woman must have her LBD. Some might just want classic elegant cut, some might want statement pieces.
I have both classic and statement one. What I love about this dress is the unique combination of faux leather which represent strength and girl power with the lace which represent softness and romantic side.

Although the dress already speaks for itself, but it never hurt to add statement accessories such as these iconic fuchsia embellished leather fingerless gloves from Karl Lagerfeld. The IT gloves are definitely worth to be keep in my closet, they can always elevate the look into another niveau.


If any of you ever wonder about the location where the photos were taken, it was in front of Stock Exchange (Börse) building in Zurich. The location is very close to my office, by the way :-)
It was such a fun photo session with my good friend, Stephanie. She is one of my good friends in Switzerland and always blessed to have her as a friend, she taught me a lot of things, it is always nice to have such a pretty stylish friend like her.


How about you guys, any of you are doing similar project like me?
Don't forget to share with me!


  1. Holy babe alert!! I love those gloves just the perfect amount of everything!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  2. Wow! I'm in love with this outfit :) that's so so awesome. Love the color

    Xx, Johanna


  3. hi mbak ika, happy to see you here in your new theme blog. I missed your old rubbish-talk blog hehehe. even though you might forgot who I am, But I would never forget who you are. I will travel around the Switzerland for 9 days on Easter Break. That's one of my dream and your old stories boosted my energy to the limit and finally I got a chance to make it happen. I'm sorry I can't visit you in Zurich, hope to see you someday in Switzerland. :D

    1. Hi Ardi, of course I remember YOU! Apa kabar?
      Senang bisa kontak lagi. Mau mampir ke negara mana? Sayang ya ga bisa ketemuan semoga ada waktu kapan-kapan. Sekarang kerja dimana? Makasih banyak sudah mau mampir dan membaca cerita dulu dan kini :D

    2. kalo di swiss, saya rencana ke geneva, laussane, montreux, interlaken, bern sm lugano mbak. sekarang dpt kesempatan lanjut s2 di liverpool. kemarin pengen apply ke universitat zurich kok ya jiper duluan sm bahasa swiss-jerman disana, makanya mundur teratur hahaha. kalo negara lain italy, france, netherland, belgium, luxembourg & germany. paling lama ya di swiss doang sih sisanya paling 2-3 hari doang mbak. sama2 mbak, makasih sudah menginspirasi dengan cerita kocaknya :D

    3. Congratz buat ngelanjutin S2 di Liverpool! Kalo kota Bern itu sekitar sejam naik kereta dari Zurich. Sebenarnya aku bisa sih nyamperin tapi ntar kamu ada jadwal yang harus ditepati dan gak ada waktu ngobrol. Tapi ya kasi tau aja siapa tahu bisa ketemu. Rencana kapan mendarat di Swiss? Take care!!

  4. saya berangkat tanggal 2 mbak, di swiss sampe tanggal 10 (hari terakhir di lugano). mbak boleh add line saya ga? msardian atau Whatsapp (+447823709321). ntar kalo saya mampir ke zurich sy kontak mbak biar ga ngerepotin sampean. rencana sih ke bern sekalian ke zurich di sempetin, tapi liat situasi di dulu semoga ga ada kendala. thanks mbak ika :D