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Autumn is always energizing my fashion and beauty side.
It's the moment where designers release their collections that we really look forward to.
Let's talk about beauty today!
This year I have been waiting for the collaboration Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder.
Who doesn't know these two big names?
Since the beginning I knew this collection is really worth to have!
So, here we go...

Eye Ink & Eye Metals - Bitter Clove, Black Myrrh and Charred Emerald

Eye Ink in Black Myrrh was the first piece I have bought and I have to say no regret at all!
I fell in love from the moment I saw them on Instagram. They pigmented so nicely, especially Black Myrrh and Charred Emerald. They are all dry swatches, and you could even intensify them with wet applicator for more dramatic look.

I just wish there is also applicator included since it would save my time to touch up whenever I go somewhere. But hey, nowadays we can simply find huge selections of our favorite applicators/brushes.

Morning Aura - Illuminating Cream

Both primer and mosturizer, this illuminating cream contains the micro-pearls. As you could see from the swatch, even with tiny amount we could get illuminating result.

I would recommend this for evening look to get glamour touch and if you want to use it during the day then use the moderate amount. The tall golden packaging with sleek pump design and VB logo on top really represent Victoria Beckham; sleek and elegant.

Eye Foil - Burnt Anise

When I saw the teaser before the collection was released, I thought, what is this item exactly?! But as soon as I saw how the color pigmented at the very first swatch, I just wanted to have it right away. This is almost like the liquid version of Eye Ink Black Myrrh, in charcoal color with richer glowing silvery element. One thing which I do not so fancy is probably the applicator. I find this applicator is great to apply lipgloss (LOL) but not exactly the perfect one to apply eye make up. As much as I love the color, I would still prefer to wear Black Myrrh. But in case you want to add some intensive color for your party look, eye foil is the answer and the small packaging makes it so handy to carry in your clutch. The swatch both eye foil you could find below.

Eye Foil - Blonde Gold

An interesting color is also Blonde Gold from Eye Foil. Just like Burnt Anise this item is another version of liquid eye shadow. My eye make up is mostly quite classic and natural color with a little bit of cat eyes touch for some occasions, so I honestly this item is 'one of a kind' in my make up collection. Not only that it is coming in the liquid form but also because of the fair shade that I very rare use.

For those who like the classic style like me, perhaps you could apply it as white inner corner eye make up. In my opinion, the best way to apply it with the tip of fingers, I have tried with the applicator and the result was so good. But for those who dare to do playful make up can always experiment by apply it on the cheekbones or under corner of your eyebrows. Both Blonde Gold and Burnt Anise can be worn alone or on top of your eye shadow for more shimmery finishing.

Lip Gloss - Moroccan Heat

I love the sleek design of this lipgloss though I do not so fancy to use lipgloss with brush applicator as you could see on the photo. The design reminds me of YSL concealer, so pretty! The color is truly nude however it is a little bit sticky to me.

Since my skin is brown, I prefer to use it for casual occasions. Usually I do not want to apply it too much because I feel like my whole lips are so sticky :D It is a great size to be carried in your purse for the fresh touch up after sipping some cups of cappuccino.

Eye Kajal - Black Saffron / Vanille

For those eye make up lover, this eye kajal is an interesting thing to be in your collection. This double ended with black on one side and nude on the other side.

Love the very soft, creamy texture and the richness of the colors. If you want to add some 'bigger-eyes-touch' then use the nude color. I know I will use this kajal very often!

Lipstick - Chilean Sunset

I do not use this kind of shade very often, but I have to say this color is so pretty. It reminds me of the 50's era. So feminine yet powerful in matte texture in golden case, the kind of matte that doesn't dry our lips out.

The size of the lipstick is also very compact. Looks like Victorian Beckham and Estee Lauder know exactly that we, the women, want to carry lipstick without put a lot of weight in our clutch. If usually I tend to choose deep red then this shade challange me a lot.
Party is on, ladies!

Lipstick - Brazilian Nude

If you see this shade then you know immediately that the color is so Victoria! Wrapped in black case, this nude would accentuate your smokey eyes look.

The texture is creamy and I adore that the nude shade is not sheer and could cover my 'ombre-lips' LOL.

Bronzer - Java Sun

The bronzer was one of the first item that stole my heart immediately! Too bad it was gone so quickly in Zurich (together with the highlighter, which was sold out everywhere!) I have bought this bronzer at Net-a-Porter. The case is identical with the three eye ink and eye metals, only in bigger size. I really love the old skool touch on the packaging design, such a great job for both VBxEL!

This bronzer could be used for contouring, however as you could see on the photo, the color is nearly like my skin so you could barely see something on the photo. For those who want to step up the game for the cheekbones area, this bronzer is the great option. Or if you want to give some holiday tan then apply it smoothly with brush on your face.

Eye Pallette
Fired Sapphire - metallic turquoise; Blonde Cumin - soft, gold-tinged beige; Metal Saffron - warm, golden honey; Burnished Sage - metallic deep green; Grey Amber - nearly black, smoky charcoal gray; Black Nutmeg - shimmery copper

The star of the collection! I had the difficulty to buy this pallette, since it has been sold out so quickly in Zurich. At one of the EL counters the collection was only sold within one week! Luckily I could still bought them via Net-a-Porter. It was no regret at all.

Look how pretty the colors are, my favorites are Fired Sapphire (turquoise) and Black Nutmeg (Copper), they are perfectly pigmented with only one swatch. But doesn't mean the rest of them aren't gorgeous. The black and gold case is sturdy and heavy, so definitely not so ideal for the purse but with such a beautiful case, it will lay prettily on your dresser!

From the collection I miss two items which are the highlighter and the lip pencil.
I do not use lip pencil so much, so it doesn't disturb me. What I find a pity is that I couldn't get the pretty highlighter. Overall, the colection was really worth to hunt and splurge. From the heavy classic black gold packaging and the intesify of the colors, I have to say this collection should be the collection of the year! One thing that I love is also how they name each item with exotic spices or countries and precious stones.

So have you grabbed your VBxEL collection? If yes then which item was your favorite.
Share with me because I cannot decide which was my favorite, they are all so gorgeous.
Decision, decision indeed!
Hope you enjoyed the review :-)


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