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Statement Necklace: FiliNi ¦ YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush ¦ L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis à L'huile 550 Rogue Sauvage
Hat: Zara (old) ¦ Armani Jeans Cross Body Bag (old) ¦ Mug in Canon Lens Form: No Brand ¦ Self Made Black Planner ¦

Every mother is unique.
Sometimes she appears fragile but at the same time she could move the world. She shows her love to us in her special way; tenderly or even boldly. She is the source of our happiness and joy but sometimes she could make us cry.

Mother's Day is knocking on the door.
Perhaps some of you have done preperations to bring the big suprise to your mother. For today's edition, me - as a new mother - will not skip the chance to share some of the gift ideas for the first woman we saw after we were born.
To emphasize the first sentence I have written above, I will share different items since we know how special our mothers are.

Plants Obsessive

121212 Terrarium

If your mother plants lover, there are huge selections of gardening stuffs.
But when you want to avoid to give gardening tool set or pruning shears, there is an alternative to give 121212 Terrarium. This 12 inches planter in triangle form could make some corners in the house greener.
Or if you prefer to give your mom DIY gift, check out this step by step DIY Bulb Terrarium.
Another option that you could choose is the stylish Watering Can.

Fit to the Bit

Fitbit 'Charge HR' Wireless Activity & Heart Rate Tracker

It is always nice to have a sporty mom.
With the development of technology, sport and gadget are now the favorite combo. Gift such as wireless activity & heart tracker from Fitbit with many features would be your mom's new best friend.

Treasure the Memories

Moleskine+Milk Photo Album

There are nothing as sweet as nice memories.
Therefore try to capture the memories with your mom as much as you could in the form of photo album. There are many photo albums on the market but I simply love the sleek design of this Moleskine+Milk photo album. So elegant and timeless. Don't miss also the 50% Photo Album Week until Sunday May 8th!

Treat for Tea!

Image: Unsplash

A mother loves to hear what is going on with her children. If you think that you didn't have enough time to update your mother with your life, then offer her to have some moments where you both could talk together. Not every child is close to his/her mom and sometimes it is difficult to approach after being away quite some time.
But trust me, keep trying!
You will never ever regret to have this memory in your life. There are so many children in this world who are dying to have this moment just because they have lost thier mother just like me. So, for those who are still lucky to have mother in this life, I keep encourage to stay close to your mom.
Mother's Day will be the perfect occasion to get you closer to your mother. And if your mom loves to have the family and friends at her house, she will be delighted to have this Signature High Tea Collection.

The Organizer

Some mothers have the exceptional (and sometimes unbelievable) ways to organize their house. If 'clean' is your mother's favorite keyword and at the same time she loves high heels, then this Stiletto Organizer from Jordrup Denmark is made for her!
Don't we all love tidy and chic mother? :-)

Sacred Corner

Image: Pinterest

Many working mothers have their so-called 'sacred corner' at home where they could sit and review their works or never-ending-to-do-list. At home I don't have special corner, my 'corner' is actually in the middle of our living room. J used this tiny space to work and now I am using the space most of the time.
So if you would like to give your mother something special, then offer her working space makeover. I know that many of you are the fan of black and white minimalist interior (me too!) but for some people this style is just not their thing. That's why before doing this project, you better do research in order to fulfill what your mother needs and wants.

Pamper Your Mother

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum

In case you have very limited time to do DIY or project as the gift, you can always opt for the classic choices. Skin care products or perfume are most beloved presents. This time I am featuring Tory Burch Eau de Parfum. But if you saw your mother has already two unopened perfumes then do not hesitate to change your idea into Aesop Delphinus Gift Set.

And me... what would be my choice?
As a new mother I do have long-and-never-ending-wishlist. But if I may choose, my dream gift this year would be statement necklace from FiliNi. I do seriously love this brand. I have already several statement necklaces from FiliNi and they are such eye catcher just like on the main photo.

Do share with me what will you do with your mother on Mother's Day?
Wishing you all nice long weekend and talk to you later!



  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. nice picks!

  3. I to go a concert with my mother!!! I really like your list
    To me comics event

  4. So glad that you are posting more often Ika, this is a fabulous gift guide! I wasn't very creative this year and just got my mum flowers, but maybe next year I will get her the Moleskin + Milk photo album.

  5. I just can't wait for Mother's Day. I already have my present ready and we always go brunching =)

  6. Fantastic gift guide, my dear, the most special lady in my life deserves more than I could ever give

  7. Fantastic gift guide, my dear, the most special lady in my life deserves more than I could ever give

  8. I love the gift ideas. Such great and creative ideas :)

    Blog: One Moment Plz
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  9. love all

  10. This has to be my favorite post! Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet