Thursday, 7 January 2016

Grey and Camel

Two-in-One Top: Street One, Trousers: Mango (old), Coat: Mango, Hat: Zara (old), Statement Necklace: FiliNi, Shoes: Navyboot (old), Bag: Michael Kors

Hi everyone!
It's such a great feeling to be back again. This is my first fashion post in 2016 and I am super excited about it. My life is indeed in turbulence lately, I finally understand why people said that being mother is the hardest and at the same time the most beautiful job!
Everyday is another challenge and luckily I am still survive until now :-)

What did you guys doing during winter holidays?
Get together with family, relatives, friends or even ex boyfriend? :D
Before my Christmas holiday even started, my husband J (if any of you still remember his initial...) gave me big surprise. He said he wanted to visit his father almost a week in Valais, that's the Frech speaking part in Switzerland. That means Rania and I were alone without him.
For the first time we were alone at home and I must say:

At the beginning everything went okay (not perfect of course, never...) because J left on Saturday and we were totally fine during weekend.
But..but..but.. as soon as Monday started, which was my working day, I got panic attack. Although I usually bring Rania twice a week to day care, still I was extremely nervous. The fact of knowing we were ALONE consumed my energy so much.

On 24th December we had to take the train to Lausanne. It was the point where I nearly had a breakdown. You must have known there are those days where nothing worked out. Literally.
Being stressed and taking care of baby are not the great combo, ladies!
So to any mother out there I will keep saying: keep your head cool.
If those days were the test, then I completely failed! But of course I won't give up and will keep fighting to be tougher mom.


Back to fashion!
Today I want to share the comfortable look that I wear lately, even to the office. I am quite obsessed lately with grey two-in-one top just like this one from Street One, which I can combine easily with Mango trousers. I love to complete my look with accessories, such as hat with chain touch from Zara in camel color, statement necklace from FiliNi, grey suede heels with green bow from Navyboot and handbag from Michael Kors. Never forget to wrap the body with coat from Mango.
This is my look for casual Friday at work. How about you?


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