Sunday, 9 August 2015

Summer with Loose Fit Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Zara, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Tom Ford
How's summer treating you so far?
Perhaps this is one of the most unforgettable summer I've ever had since I am living in Switzerland (it's been nine years already!). Most of summers I have spent here were sort of cloudy but this year summer shows its own power! Of course it is sooooo warm, it's not often I am suffering during the heat. However I feel also blessed since it's been a while there were no proper temperature here in Switzerland (no offense!)

Last month I was visiting my sister in Germany. I am from big family, we are 7 (seven!) siblings and when we have the chance to meet, it's sooooooo much fun!!!
Two of my sisters are living in Germany and the rest of them are living in Indonesia. One of my sisters in Germany is currently in Shanghai, due to her husband's work. Since her daughter had summer holiday, they went back to Germany. My other sister also joined us during my short visit.
We talked, laughed and stayed up late. Well, what more you can expect? ;o)

On the second day we went to Metzingen. There is a place where you could find a lot of outlets.
The temperature was ready to roast our skin. Luckily we spent most of the times indoor (with AC!)

I had to admit, I had difficulties to find the outfit on that day. I had the impression, any fabric which touched my skin will make me sweat immediately. Honestly, that was one of the moments when I thought I would have seen fatamorgana.
Finally I chose loose fit jumpsuit from Zara. This jumpsuit did its job to save my day from the heat! Please don't mind the wrinkles on my jumpsuit. Well I am indeed a struggling new mom :o)
How about you? Do share with me your secret item to save your overheating day (except swimming pool, cocktails and ice cubes! :D)



  1. The jumpsuit looks so pretty on you Ika! Rania just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I have heard about the outlet stores in Metzingen, where they good?


  2. You look absolutely fabulous! Have a lovely day <3

  3. Well, sometimes I come to Switzerland usually stop at Mendrisio and Lugano where I found some great outlets too
    You're doing a great job as a new mom, don't worry
    kisses to both of you

  4. Super cute look! You are doing amazing. Thank Goodness for Zara! XO, Ellese