Saturday, 11 July 2015

Leopard in the Rose Garden

Summer Dress: Mango, Peacock Earring (worn only one): No Brand,
Belt: No Brand, Lips: Clarins Color Quench Lip Gloss 08 Sweet Fig
Photos by Stephanie
Sneaking silently.
Stepping into the garden covered with different colors of roses; they are dazzling, almost blinding the eyes. The gorgeous scent will lure every soul to come after. Including the leopard.

Complexity of colors, scents and blooming petals will tempt and lock his heart.
The leopard is confused, however doesn't want to leave. Leaving is the last thing to do after being in such a beautiful garden. Suddenly thirst trap his throat. Big sharp eyes are looking for water source, perhaps there is a fountain somewhere.
But wait, what's that?
Another creature is coming out of the bushes. A peafowl that looks very proud of himself. Bright blue and green plumage inflamate leopard's eyes. Fragile peacock but oh he is so arrogant.
Big question tickles leopard's instinct; What do I waiting for?
He leaped as the thick claws show their shine.
And those roses look even more vibrant as the roar echoing.

I can't even believe that I'm starting my post with a piece of absurd fable.
This piece came to my mind suddenly, so I thought why not? :o)
Perhaps it's the reflection of my outfit.

Lately I'm wearing summer dress quite often.
I mean, summer dress might one of the comfortable items that could tolerate this heat wave. Frankly spoken, I am pretty happy that we have warm weather. After the last couple of years having disappointing summer, finally it is served very proper.
So I had to search my summer dresses, which I bought previous year by the way and had to be in the corner of my closet since last year summer was not even knocking on the door.

I simply love leopard and roses print mixing. They are feminine combination.
No need statement accessories, no need thick make up. The dress is already 'roaring' so loud. I just add peacock earring (for this look I wore only one peacock earring) and nude lip gloss.
How about you? What is your favorite summer dress and prints?


  1. Nice dress !

  2. Such a stunning dress, it looks fantastic on you!

    Style by Avery

  3. Oh!!
    great dress.
    You are so so beautiful!
    I love leopard pattern♡


  4. You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress Ika!! Love the bold prints on you :)

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful dress and you look gorgeous!
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  7. This dress is seriously stunning. I love the mixture of patterns & it's the perfect combination of animal & floral. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  8. Oh la la!

  9. I love how you've started your post maybe because I LOVE STORIES, you know that
    now I really want that dress, you look like a princess and yes, the prints mix is definitely eye-catching and marvelous
    perfect, my dear, perfect




  10. Wow wow wow that dress is to die for. I love the rose and leo mix. Who would have guessed it looked so awesome together. Did you write the fable. I love it. Yes this summer doesn't disappoint. It's typical that I can't enjoy it and have to work like crazy :D
    Happy Monday sweetie!!


  11. You look absolutely fabulous! The dress is amazing! Have a lovely day <3

  12. This dress is amazing! Beautiful look dear!


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