Monday, 29 June 2015


I bet you guys enjoyed summer's warmth during weekend!
Who's agree with me that there is nothing better than nice warm summer?
In this time of the year I could wear something light and open sandals. Carrying the whole layers from down jacket until heavy boots every winter made me feel so bulky!

Jumpsuit& Belt: Ted Baker similar here and here, Sandals: Navyboot similar here, here and here,
Necklace: FiliNi similar here, here and here (on sale!), Lips: Benefit Sugabombs Ultra Plush Gloss

Lately I kind of feeling 24 hours in a day is not enough.
Alright, I'm still overwhelmed with the situation as new mother. Still oh-soooo-newbie! :o(
It's very often when I check the time and realize,
"Gosh, it's already 4 P.M. and I haven't done anything yet!"
At that moment, I really wish I could have super power which can make me as super duper multitasking mommy.

Again, reality bites. There's no such super power.
I am the person who is responsible to empower myself.
Being a mother is one of the most beautiful thing and at the same time the hardest thing. To my opinion, no one is really ready to have a child. Although many people say that they are ready but actually they are not THAT ready until they experience how to deal with the baby and adapt with new situation.
I guess, the most important thing to be in this kind of situation is to accept the situation. By accepting the whole situation makes it easier to do my job as mother.

Enough with mumbling, let's get back to fashion topic!
I am so into jumpsuits lately. Well, actually it was started last year and since then I'm having several jumpsuits already. I wore jumpsuit during my early stage of pregnancy. It was fun to dress my bump and at that time I found jumpsuit and dress were more comfortable than maternity trousers.

I saw this Ted Baker jumpsuit during summer last year and fell in love immediately. Definitely my favorite jumpsuit in my collection! Combination of white, navy blue and bright yellow belt is delightful. The cut is also very feminine and makes my legs longer.
Love to combine it with open sandals and statement necklace. This statement necklace from FiliNi is also one of my favorite from my collection.

What do you guys think of my outfit?
I hope all of mom-to-be will have some creative ideas to dress the bump!



  1. Love your look , stunning

  2. Hey Ika! It was such a nice warm weekend!

    I can't imagine how different life becomes when you are a mummy and how rewarding it is when Rania smiles at you or learns something new... You are doing the best job you know how to so don't worry about being super mummy!

    This is one my favourite outfits of yours - you look so effortlessly chic and beautiful as usual :)

  3. Great jumpsuit! I love the pop of color from the belt. You look lovely.

  4. wow adorable <3

  5. Hi, Ika!
    You are stunning!!!
    I love your outfit♡
    Cool and gorgeous!


  6. That is such a nice necklace and very cool shoes. Thanks for sharing

    Duty Free Dame | Bloglovin

  7. such bold and daring outfit colors all over your page!
    love the photography and colors ^^

  8. I love your jumpsuit Kak Ika!! Especially the tops part♡
    *but I have nothing to support the tops so it will end up melorot hehe*


  9. Very classy jumpsuit and the statement necklace is such a stunning piece too!


  10. beautiful jumpsuit!



  11. Wow this look It's very special!!!
    If you want follow me on my blog:

  12. You are looking fabulous in this jumpsuit!

  13. I love jumpsuits too and still looking for the perfect one
    you look great, the whole look is so sleek and chic, and what a statement necklace
    kisses from Italy

  14. I love jumpsuits too and still looking for the perfect one
    you look great, the whole look is so sleek and chic, and what a statement necklace
    kisses from Italy

  15. That jumpsuit looks great on you!

  16. That jumpsuit looks really sexi and fashionable!
    Grey it's my favourite colour so your outfit is perfect for me :)!