Monday, 15 June 2015

Current Obsession : Sisley Biker Jacket With Ruches

Sisley Biker Jacket With Ruches
Anyone knows what I have done last week?
Yup, I went shopping :o)

Some of my friends know exactly that shopping is my-national-sport LOL.
So it is sometimes hard to resist when Zurich is attacked by yellow, green and red colors at display window. They represent four letters: S-A-L-E.
Lured me in to go inside of the shop and convinced me to 'help the economy'.

Did I find some nice stuffs? Yes.
Did it help my wallet's condition? Definitely not.
But of course I did it anyway, because I couldn't resist the temptation to own this Sisley Biker Jacket. Perhaps some of you might have read that I just recently bought biker jacket in dusty rose, I wrote about it here. And now I have another biker jacket!

Before I had no biker jacket in my life and suddenly now I'm having two.
Funny how things work in this world (this sentence is just my excuse to spend money).

But hey, who can resist half feminine half boyish cut of this jacket? At least I couldn't.
The color is also amazing, I don't have this type of green before. Crew cut neck is not really my taste, but I simply love ruches on the back, it balances the boyish touch. I can combine this jacket with many of my outfits. Casual or feminine, this jacket will definitely my hot item this summer.
What do you think about this jacket?
How about your summer sale haul? ;o)



  1. This is such a gorgeous biker jacket and such a unique colour too! The ruched detailing is so delicate and feminine, cannot wait to see how you style it!

  2. Great colour! I really love it! :)

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    Have a nice day!

  3. Amazing jacket....Loved the color....

  4. To be honest, the first time I saw this post, I thinking "Another biker jacket?" Hahaha...seems you got a biker jacket fever Kak Ika :P
    Hoever The jacket is pretty and the color is unique so I understand why you insist to bought it! I love the ruffles on the back side ♥


  5. Omg your second biker jacket. I couldn't have resisted too cos I love the cool green color and the ruches on the back. I haven't see such an amazing jacket before. I have been pretty good lately and haven't bought much. Although the sale is very tempting :D I need to clean out my closet before I buy new things. I have already set my sights on a pair of new ballet flats, a striped top (Mango) and some white tops :D Yeah not wallet friendly but very satisfying anyway. Happy Friday Ika!


  6. It's a tough job to resist a jacket like this! :)

    Purely Me by Denina Martin

  7. Gorgeous biker jacket!!! Love the color! Have a lovely day:-)

  8. Wow love the colour and shape!