Monday, 1 June 2015

Reveal Your Aura

Dress: Minimum, Vintage Belt: No Name, Pumps: Navyboot, Clutch: Chloé, Nails: Essie Big Spender
On Saturday was my first going out after the delivery.
It happened because my sister was here on the weekend and she wanted to meet her friends in Zurich. Since she doesn't know Zurich so well, so I accompanied her.

We went to Aura bar lounge in the center of Zurich. It's a nice stylish place, my sister loves it.
I was happy to notice that I could still wear my party clothes.
This is an old smocking dress which still look great and perfect to new mother like me; no need to iron.
I love to combine it with my vintage statement belt. This belt is one of my favorites from my belt collection, it has special shape and style. Pumps from Navyboot and Chloé clutch took role in supporting my look.


I felt bad to leave J alone with Rania, however I realize that as a mother I need to do this sometimes.
Enjoy my times without baby and just do what I used to do before my pregnancy.
It felt good to relax a little bit, but somehow I kept thinking of my daughter at home, whether she is fine with her father. Although I know J takes care of her very well, the position as mother makes these thoughts exist.

At the beginning I thought that I would enjoy my going out even more. I was wrong :)
Of course it was so nice to finally go out in the evening, drink cocktails, chat with sister and her friends. It's just that I wish J were also there with me. Moreover, it was not so easy to seperate thoughts and ideas inside of my head and categorize them properly. There will always be an idea which will be multiply into thousands ideas, trying to make me nervous and sweating my palms.
Yeah, I need to learn to let myself go, enjoy my exclusive free time more, last but not least also try to learn to seperate thoughts and ideas. They have the ability to drive mothers crazy.

Luckily, it was a short meeting. We were already home before midnight.
I went to see Rania as soon as I arrived home. She slept peacefully and seemed relax.
She had no idea that her mother's heartbeat and mind worked too hard before.
It was a good feeling to see her again, I felt so relieved.
J felt asleep on sofa, he woke up after I gave him kisses.
I couldn't describe the feeling to see them fine after my first-going-out.
They were too big for my nervous body and soul.

How about your weekend? Any exciting things?



  1. You looks so elegant in those dress Kak Ika :)) So pretty!!
    I don't have a baby yet, but somehow I understand, I have a little brother and almost couldn't go anywhere back then hehe...
    My weekend is very typical and boring, shift between sleep, eat, and gaming lol

    Have a nice day :))


  2. You look so beautiful and elegant in this dress! How nice that you got to go out, I can imagine how hard it must have been to leave Rania, but as you say she was in great hands with J :) Hope you have a wonderful week ahead x

  3. Great♥

  4. Wow, you look stunning! So classy :)

    x Stefanie

  5. I think it's really stressing going out and leave her daughter home, even if you know she's in good hands...this will change later, you'll see
    by the way you looked great, love the dress
    kisses from Italy

  6. You are very beautiful.I love your dress.
    And this place is gorgeous and luxurious!!
    I am thinking about what I shall do on the weekend.

    Have a good day;)


  7. The dress looks amazing! Love it! And you look super gorgeous on it. :)
    Good vibes Fox

    1. Hi Rochelle, thanks a lot for your comments and visits!
      I visited your blog and wanted to comment but don't know why it doesn't work :( I will try again :)
      You look so lovely btw, I really miss my country Indonesia! Wanted to visit Bali again!


  8. Beautiful dress and the belt is so unique too! Gorgeous look!


  9. Absolutely stunning belt. Almost art deco. Love the vintage vibe it presents. So pretty.

  10. You look so gorgeous in this dress. I'm glad you tried to go out after your pregnancy. It's nice to get back to your old life style from time to time.

    Lera's Affordable Fashion Blog

  11. cool dress!