Monday, 18 May 2015

Purchase of the Day: Armani Jeans Cross Body Bag

Armani Jeans Crossbody Bag

Everyone who meets me on daily basis will know that I am the shopper bag lover.
Well to be exact, I am the fan of any bag which is big.

I tend to put many things in my bag; wallet (with tons of coins), keys, mobile phone (when I'm working I have to carry mobile with business number too), cosmetic purse, glasses or sunglasses depends on the needs and now that I have Rania my bag is loaded even more.
Some of my friends even commented that I bring stones in my bag (!) haha.

I always envy women who can carry easily small bags with only wallet and mobile inside.
How can I learn to be like this? I guess, I will never do :o)
There are only a few occasions where I could wear small bags. I don't attend wedding party every week nor going to the club (at least at the moment), therefore I only have one or two small bags.
But when I saw this cross body bag from Armani Jeans, I changed my mind.

The combination of tangerine and royal blue colors in zebra print is simply irresistible.
I screamed in my head, "I want that bag!"
There are not much rooms for my heavy stuffs, but I will manage.
This bag is my hot stuff for this summer! I look forward to share you my look with this bag.

What are your hot stuffs for summer, ladies?



  1. What a gorgeous cross body bag, the colours are so vibrant and the pattern is so you!

  2. Hahaha I had stone in my bag too but I try not to carry that much in my bag anymore. From time to time I prefer small bags. Your new now is totally awesome. I can see why you wanted to have it asap.
    Hot stuff for the summer? I need more ballet flats with prints like polka dots or stripes.
    Yes I was sctually thinking to post some of my eye palettes :D
    Happy Monday pretty!

  3. Cool! Nice color pattern :)

    xx Stefanie

  4. It's so awsome! I love it :)

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  5. Happy Tuesday Ika! I was a sugar addict and then I saw the video "The bitter truth" on youtube. It opened my eyes. I feel better without sugar and I save 300€ a month :D More or less. Now I spend the money on other things :D

  6. Me too me too *raise my hand* it's almost impossible to bring nothing if I go out, I always like, "But probably I need it," and ended up bring everything. I know I should start to lighten my bag because heavy bag is bad for health.
    By the way, I love your bag, it's very stunning and such a center of attention♡ *walk like Beyonce*


  7. This bag is LOVELY :)

    Bisous from France,

  8. I am a fan of the bags, too.
    I love bag so much♡♡
    The bag is cute.
    The combination of red and blue color is wonderful!


  9. The pattern on this bag is fantastic! I also really like the combination of the two colors.

  10. beautiful bag!! It is always hard to put everything on a small bag, sometimes i don't know what to exclude!! But this one is so cute! I love the colours!!

    kisses xx


  11. great purchase my dear
    I love the red-blue contrast
    see you (virtually) soon
    have a great Sunday evening

  12. great purchase my dear
    I love the red-blue contrast
    see you (virtually) soon
    have a great Sunday evening

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