Monday, 4 May 2015

Casual Vibe at Le Petit Commerce

It's raining outside while I'm writing this post.
I know water is good for the earth but right now I wish I could build an automatic button where I can simply push it... et voilà I'll be in some place else. The theme travel is often visiting my brain lately.
Perhaps because I know I cannot travel so much this year.
Looking at rain drops hitting the ground and wind chime is making soft sound played by the wind. The weather makes me bored and also hungry.
Yes, very hungry.
The train of thoughts take me to the place called Le Petit Commerce.

Tube Top: gift from sister, also adore this and this
Statement Necklace: H&M

Le Petit Commerce (The Small Business) is located in the centre of Bordeaux.
J and I found this restaurant based on the suggestion of one of the locals. It was a lady who owns the soap shop who told us about this restaurant. Her shop is the neighbour shop of Le Petit Commerce.

At the beginning I was unsure that this is the place to be.
My thought as a tourist was more, "Really? This place has great food? It looks like as if everything so rickety just like those tiny tables and chairs."
But then again, don't judge the book by its cover.
From being doubtful, I turned to be one of their fans :D

First of all, do not expect to have tables covered with white tablecloth. The restaurant is definitely a casual place. I wouldn't give five stars for the service, it was not particularly super friendly but we were welcomed well. One plus point that I need to emphasize is that the crew know exactly what they sell.
J asked questions about the dishes and they gave us complete explanation

Top: Morgan

Caffè Gourmet
Love this dessert but I don't drink espresso (I saved the coffee for J) :P

We visited the place twice. On both two visits I have nothing to complain, the fish and other dishes are very fresh! In case you are the meat lover, don't worry to be starve because they have also meat on the menu.

We sat outside on the first visit, it was during lunch and was nice to catch some sunlight. On the second visit we went for dinner, we had to sit on the back of the restaurant. At the beginning I was quite unhappy, but eventually I enjoyed to see how the crew prepare the food in the kitchen. Perhaps for some people it is not so nice to be seated near the kitchen (some of them might find it offended), but I guess it is also fine to watch what will come on your plate.

For those who are visiting or want to visit Bordeaux, I highly recommend this place if you want to catch some casual vibe. People have different opinions about the price there, I would say it is not super cheap but it's a fair price considering the quality of the food and wines.

It is still raining outside. I drank already hot chocolate on this rainy day. And yes, I am still starving.
Which restaurant is your favorite (regardless where they are)?



  1. Hi Ika! It really was horrible weather that we had over the long weekend and it's supposed to continue onto this week too :( But reading your bright, summery post put a huge smile on my face :) I really want to visit Bordeaux someday... Isn't it funny how sometimes the least "fancy" looking restaurants are actually the best?! I am drooling over the fish, reminds me that we need to meet up for lunch soon at Thai Corner! As always you look gorgeous and stylish with your statement necklace :)

  2. Hi Miss Ika, all those foods look delicious!!Especially for the steak!*Getting terribly hungry*
    Well sometimes (or I can say) usually the least fancy place provide more yummy foods than those place with extravaganza decor. Like Mie bakso gerobak or nasi goreng kaki lima hahaha...
    Yeah, I'm also not the fan of rainy days. It's limit our style and our movement :(( Hope the weather became better soons :)


  3. Hi Ika, ohhh tell me about the rain. The weather over here sucks too. I wish I had that automatic button too :D I would be in Hawaii right now. The restaurant looks lovely. I love simple places and I'm glad you guys liked the food. One thing I have noticed during my visits to France. The waiters aren't so friendly when you're not a local and esp. when you don't speak French. I think they have the opinion if you visit their country you also have to speak their language (as if it's that easy:D). Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Hi, Ika, raining is so boring indeed...thank God we have food or good memories to cheer up....that place looks really great

  5. Hi, Ika, raining is so boring indeed...thank God we have food or good memories to cheer up....that place looks really great

  6. Very cool! Have a wonderful tuesday sweetie!

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  7. Just love those food shots! It's also been raining constantly here too! x

  8. looks like a cool place and the food looks really good!

    danielle | avec danielle

  9. This foods look very delicious!
    I do not like much rain, too.
    I hope the weather will be fine.


  10. The necklace in the first image is so cool, such a statement design! The dessert looks so delicious too, thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Prudence!
      Statement necklace is one of my favorite fashion pieces ;)

  11. Looks like a good time!


  12. Everything looks amazing! Nice blog you have!