Monday, 16 February 2015


This post is about nice memory from my trip to Paris with J.
We visited Paris before we got married. It was our first holiday together. Unfortunately it was very short and bad weather. It was raining and windy, very annoying because we couldn’t see many nice spots there. 
Oh Paris!

On the last day before we were off to Bordeaux, J had an idea to visit Bourse de Paris (Paris Stock Exchange). Working in finance is one of the reasons why he was very interested to visit this place. Whenever we visit a country, we try to visit the stock exchange, if possible.
It was Saturday and of course La Bourse was very quiet, which was good. Paris Stock Exchange located at Place de la Bourse and has been doing its operation since the second half of the 19th century. We took some pictures and afterwards we decided to have breakfast nearby La Bourse. We walked toward one of the shop next to La Bourse. It’s the shop called “Le Pain de la Bourse”.

My breakfast; croissant, tea and fresh pressed orange juice 

I love the place as soon as I entered the shop. The atmosphere was calming, plus it was Saturday; no rush and no crowds. We decided to have breakfast there and it was a great choice! I am not a big fan of bread, whereas J is the opposite of me. He loves any kind of bread but French bread is one of his favorite.
They are delicious!
 We chose the breakfast menu; breads, tea (coffee for J) and fresh pressed orange juice. I love how they made their jam. There were three kinds of jam, unfortunately I cannot recall all of them. I can only remember that I love the apple cinnamon one!
Usually I don’t fancy apple cinnamon; I find any apple cinnamon flavor products smell strange. But in this place, I found apple cinnamon jam was highlight of the day!
The breads were so fresh and warm and I like to have fresh pressed orange juice for breakfast.
When I looked around, they also sell products such as jams, chocolates, etc.

There were several tables and some of them are big sharing tables. J and I were sitting by the window; we could see Paris Stock Exchange from this window. I fully recommend you all to visit Le Pain de la Bourse for breakfast or brunch, if you want to have quiet time there then come on Saturday like we did.
So please share, how did you spend your time while you were in Paris?


  1. Wow, this place looks excellent. Those jams look delicious! Thank you for sharing, this is a great post!


  2. Ika, this was a lovely post about Paris. I am taking notes for the next time we go to Paris ;)

  3. This looks lovely! I can tell you are having an awesome cultural experience, and I just loving that adorable brooch you wore!

    xx Jill
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  4. The bread and jam look really delicious! I will be visiting Paris for the first time soon and this post makes me really excited about my trip!