Monday, 5 January 2015


I am not a sporty person.
Okay, there is no doubt about this statement. Everyone who deals with me on the daily basis knows this factoid very well.

Ever since I am pregnant, I feel more concern about the well being of my baby and myself. I would like to eat healthier, would like to exercise my body. Everything is for the sake of my baby.
Recently I signed up for pregnancy yoga class.
Perhaps this is a huge step in my life. Some of you might laugh, since the exercise that I did in my life before my pregnancy was only rocking on the dance floor. This is definitely not exercise, considering the number of glasses that I've consumed contain alcohol.

Alexander Wang X H&M
I've made my decision to be a better person, at least I want to do something good and useful.
Finally I am registered to this yoga class, the next step will be: to buy sporty clothes.
Alright, people might mock me, but I am one of the rare ancient human being who had only one pair of sneakers (which I threw away before years ago).
Now I have to start all over again, I need to purchase some 'relax-comfortable-clothes' for yoga session instead of only stuffing my closet with cute dresses.

Recently I saw another annual fashion collaboration from Alexander Wang X H&M.
At the beginning I did not even interested to check the collection, I thought the collection is so-not-me. What am I going to do with sport bra? Or even the cropped t-shirt? Plus people are always queueing in front of the shop and buy stuffs as if that very day will be the latest shopping day.

Then one day I walked in to H&M, the collection of Alexander Wang were still there (the rest of them, of course). When I walked out of the store, I finally bought some of the collections :-)
While being in the shop, I suddenly remember of my yoga class which will be started on that week. I have practically nothing in my closet except some t-shirts.
I bought two pack towels supplied in mesh bag with a drawstring and shoulder straps, sport bra and t-shirts. Until now I still cannot say whether they are useful or not, however I could say my favorite items are the towels and sport bra.

So, let's yoga guys!