Friday, 26 May 2017


Photo of CEWE Photobook via Color Foto Service here
Something very precious that we could give to someone.
Nothing more beautiful in life than to create nice memories with someone. There are certain events in life that we want to collect, put them in our treasure box and cherish them forever.

But, what will happen if some memories are fading away?
Everyday we are meeting new people, facing new challenges, compete with new problems and trying to solve them along the way. Some memories might lose their places pushed by incidences, sensations, occurrences and all other ongoing situations. All we wish is that to keep memories in their sites, remains blooming and will give us smiles whenever we look back at them.
Ever since I am became a mother, I am very concern about memories.
I want my child to have nice childhood, so that she will remember them as good memories. I do care about how I should give her sweet memories, moreover I do care also how to store them.
That is how I choose to use CEWE Photobook that I found via Color Foto Service here.
I am so intrigued to use this photobook, it is user friendly and not to mention that I could choose in nine different sizes. But that is not it; I could easily decide the paper quality and the binding based on my needs.
Hey, do you know that you could add video on CEWE Photobook with QR-Code?
How cool is that?!
You could easily scan the code with your mobile phone or tablet and watch the video there. In case if you have no clue how to do it, the complete instructions are provided.
Don’t we love this kind of technology?
Your photobook will be done with three steps; choose the photobook style, upload the photos and order! Even after you have received it and found out that you are not completely satisfied, you would have time six weeks to return it. 
I am so excited to do this project. I have collected so many pictures since my daughter was born and to really start the real photobook makes my heart pumping in happiness.
These are some examples of photos that I would love to put on my photobook:

As Rumi said, “A life without love isn’t a life.”
With that being said, I will keep collect the memories with people that I love and not to be worry of losing any precious memories, since I know how to store them perfectly.

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