Friday, 25 November 2016

J'adore Adore Me

Photo by Andry Lesmana

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since my latest post, I feel quite guily for being unable to manage my time for my blog. Currently I am quite overwhelmed with year end works at the office. I guess many of you are having the same situations right now.
Today I would like to talk about something we use underneath our clothes.
Yes, underwear.
One of the keys to feel comfortable during your activity is underwear. However sometimes we forget how essential the role of our undergarments are. I mean, these fellows are basically supporting our body the whole day. Therefore, good quality of underwear is something we have to concern about.

But wait! Good quality doesn't equeal with high price.
Let me tell you something about Adore Me. I have once talked  about this brand on my previous post here. The reason why I want to talk about it again now because of their nice irresistible collection. So let me tell you my three black wishlist from Adore Me:

Take a look at this unique Jessamine Unlined.
For those who love bralette style and cut out design, this is exactly for you! I adore the unusual design of underwear and still show the elegance.

Lately I fell in love with bodysuits.
I have been eyeing this Sara Bodysuit, what do you guys think of it? The lace details is the statement!

Moving on to the next item, I find this Ellinor Contour bra panty set is the goal!
As the fan of cut out design, this kind of bra panty set is the one that I would choose.

Great underwear will always give me confidence. Another thing which I don't forget most of the times is red lips. I simply love to put red shades on my lips. There might be so many colors of lipstick on the market but red will remain classic and timeless. I find this shade I use matches with the Adore Me black collections.

What I also love from Adore Me collections, they basically provide any kind of your needs.
Not only various colors, but also for Plus Size and Nursing Bra.
As a mother myself, I know exactly how difficult it was to find nursing bra. Frankly spoken, most of the nursing bras I have seen and bought in Zurich are NOT what I like, I bought them because I needed them.
I found sometimes unfair when so many mothers out there have difficulties to find THE nursing bra.
Let's be honest, we need not only functions but also stylish design. So I am glad that Adore Me pay attention of this issue.

So, what are you waiting for?
Don't forget to share your favorite styles with me!



  1. Nice post! Love your selection!

  2. All the three picks are amazing. My favorite one is the #3. Black lace pieces.