Thursday, 1 January 2015


Hi everyone

Welcome to my first post!
I'm Ika, an Indonesian who lives in Switzerland.
Writing has been my hobby since I was a kid. Thanks to my late beautiful mother who always encouraged and inspired me to write. Started from ta hin notebook which I used to called 'diary' when I was on 6th grade, moved on to scraped book I made myself full with colorful pages and pens. The journey of writing didn't stop there, during my collage times I had strong influences from rock music therefore my writing expand widely to genre poems. When I finally moved to Switzerland, I started to blog.
These three things are basically my favorites; fashion, beauty, travel.
Therefore I gather them in one spot and write about them to share with you.
Come join and dive into my world.
Let's connect!

Top: Zara, also adore this and this
Necklace: Zara
Shoes: Chie Mihara

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